Supply Chain Management with Berrang.

Think global act local, streamlined workflows, standardized control systems - we develop an effective supply chain management concept that is individually tailored to your needs.  

Turning complex processes into smooth operations.

Only just under 20 percent of the total cost of a mechanical fastener relate to the part itself. Over 80 percent is accounted for by process cost - i.e. procurement, warehousing, transportation, quality assurance and assembly, among others. 

With our range of services, we help you optimize the supply chain and thus reduce overall costs and improve quality. Workflows are streamlined and control systems standardized, in particular through cparts management, small parts optimization and supplier management. We also ensure global supply - even in challenging times of extremely tight supply chains.  

Always ready to deliver –
wherever you need our products & services.

In supply chain management global locality is important to us. We are present with our subsidiaries in the important markets and speak your language. At the same time, we work globally with the same ERP system so that we have identical data available in real time.   

This gives you fast and flexible access to local contacts and ensures short - and therefore safer - delivery routes. After all, you can only offer advantages to internationally active companies if you are where your customer is​. 

In addition, we avoid unnecessary transport routes from our worldwide supplier network. This intelligent supply chain management system makes a significant contribution to sustainability

Supply Chain Management –
5 reasons for your success.

  1. Sustainable and robust supply chains 
  2. Risk diversification through multi-supplier model  
  3. Cost reduction through supplier consolidation 
  4. Market access: Even small suppliers get access through us  
  5. Approvals for fast emergency air shipments

Qualified & tested –
a close look to our suppliers.

In order to offer you a supply chain management concept that is perfectly tailored to your needs, we work with a large number of qualified suppliers. These are mainly manufacturers of screws and mechanical fasteners according to standards and drawings. 

Our suppliers must meet the following requirements: 

  • They must offer products that meet the our quality standards. 
  • They must act aligned to our sustainability requirements and also ensure this with regard to their supply chain. 

your contacts.