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Optimal business processes
even in the face of global complexity.

The economy is becoming more global, and networking is becoming more and more complicated. This applies to the global economy as a whole as well as to individual companies. Especially when merging different companies, one must always keep in mind that it is not only about strategic cooperation, but also about practical and meaningful process integration. It is not always easy to keep track of everything.  

A German customer, who has production sites on different continents, found that the integration of ordering processes in particular is a major challenge. The different locations had identical parts under different designations in their systems – in some cases even different versions of a standard that could basically be replaced by a single one. We draw our customers' attention to this potential for optimization

Greater consistency and transparency.

As a globally active company, we have experience with international corporations. Therefore, we asked our customer to support him in this process and worked out a solution together. The processes were bundled in-house. This creates transparency. If a screw is ordered from us from the Indian factory that is already available in China, North America or Europe, we suggest to our customer the use of the well-known screw. This saves enormous material and production costs. We also carry out the optimization of small parts for our customers.  

If the customer knew, what the customer knows, he could save a lot of money. We use our globally standardized ERP system, which always uses the same data status, so that everyone at Berrang knows what Berrang knows – for the benefit of the customer.

Bundling of global ordering processes brings success across the board.

After we had taken over the bundling of the ordering processes and integrated them together into the global process structure of our customer, positive results were quickly achieved. The customer was pleased not only with a minimal effort in coordination, but also with a significantly reduced material consumption.

advantages at a glance:

  • Simplification of logistics by eliminating coordination between individual global offices 
  • Implementation of small parts optimization leads to a reduction in material and production costs 
  • Freeing up additional capacities through simplified processes allows greater focus on core business  
  • Risk minimization, as the same part is stored at different global Berrang locations for the customer