Products for optoelectronics.

Companies active in the sector of optoelectronics have to keep up with exponential leaps in technology and meet growing requirements on materials. We support you with our know-how and innovative solutions.  

Coatings, surface finish & accuracy as success factors.

Our everyday life would no longer be conceivable without the use of electronic devices, all of which contain processors and microchips. The production of these microchips is only possible with the appropriate light source and optics. These must be assembled with high-tech screws.  

This requires a wide variety of components. They also have to meet the highest standards in terms of specified tolerances, surface finish and purity.   

And with the goal of producing ever smaller, more powerful as well as more energy-efficient chips, the demands on the components of optical devices such as wafer scanners and lasers are also in-creasing exponentially. We meet these demands.  

We offer decades of experience in surface quality, accuracy and cleanliness requirements. All factors that are of great importance for manufacturers of optical devices.  

Becoming the 1st choice in the optoelectronics industry through top products –
with Berrang.

In the production of semiconductors, microchips or medical devices, the smallest impurities can have serious consequences. Thus, companies in the optoelectronics sector pursue the highest quality standards. We know this and supply components that fit these standards. For example, our solutions meet ISO 6 class cleanliness requirements, enabling Berrang to provide reliable product performance - even in the smallest quantities. 

The accuracy requirements in the sector of optoelectronics are so high that you could hit a coin on the moon exactly in the center with a laser beam – sent from the earth. Without this accuracy, it would not be possible to write 50 billion transistors on a semiconductor of 1 cm². We advise you on the selection of the right surface process and test friction values as well as cleanliness with our own test equipment.  

Cleanliness and accuracy as the ultimate.

Since achieving extreme cleanliness is critical in optoelectronics, selecting the right coating solution is especially important. When screwed, the resulting friction can abrade the finest particles, but these can lead defects and deviations.  

With our friction-enhanced surfaces, we can avoid this friction and ensure precise fastening of the optical components. In this way, we support to in maximize the performance as well as accuracy of optical devices.  

In addition, the high-precision and sensitive components must be transported safely through the supply chain. We ensure this with a supply chain management customized to this specific industry. For deliveries to our customers, we offer individual options for separating the components and container transport systems that the products can be optimally transported. For further processing and ensuring maximum protection of the fasteners and small assemblies is a given. 

Optoelectronics & Berrang –
6 reasons for success.

  1. smart surface systems 
  2. proven quality 
  3. tailor-made, efficient and individual logistic solutions  
  4. compliance with ISO class 6 cleanliness requirements 
  5. testing facilities of highest standard 
  6. decades of steadily growing experience 

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