C-parts-Management by Berrang.

As individual as your requirements are, so individual is our logistics, because for us your C-part is an A-part and gets the appropriate attention. For us, c-parts management means that  we get involved in your processes at the optimal points – not only from a logistics point of view, but also in the product development process.  

Procurement concepts –
flexible and tailor-made for you.

C-parts management plays an important role in the procurement strategy. The intelligent combination of sustainable procurement, delivery, quality assurance and spare parts requirements ensures a high availability of parts for your production. With the help of our support, you can optimize your processes and thus reduce your overall costs.  

Berrang is your full-service provider right up to the assembly line. In other words, we deliver the best and most suitable solution for our customers.  

For this purpose, we carry out an analysis of your process in advance  – this forms the basis for further action. The result: We adapt to your processes and provide support where it makes the most sense and is most economical for you.  

Logistics -
6 steps to success.

  1. Tailor-made concepts  
  2. Individual container and label concepts 
  3. Fully digitized data connection and logistics support – e.g. via the Berrang app 
  4. A 24/7 emergency service 
  5. Consistent technical inspection of the goods to be delivered 
  6. Batch-clean processing and full traceability 

Secure. Effectively. Individual. –
C-parts management from a single source.

Whether screws, nuts, hinges, locks or clamps – we supply everything from a single source and with assured quality. From customer-specific containers to Kanban delivery, kitting concept and consignment warehouse to warehouse management, we implement your projects with our experience and process reliability.  

Our logistics services are complemented by a streamlined and secure order management system. The basis for this effective order management is an integrated ERP system. Our solutions at a glance: 

Our C-parts management solutions at a glance:


Our Kanban system enables you to achieve just-in-time production and ensures the necessary security of supply – with optimized inventories, the parts are one hundred percent available. We control the supply based on actual consumption. In this way, any unnecessary capital commitment is avoided and the billing effort is reduced to a minimum. By delivering "directly to the assembly line", you save transport routes within the company. The empty containers are replaced by us, if necessary several times a day. 


Our Kanban app is a cost-effective and flexible solution. By simply scanning  the QR code on the container or storage location label, any information you need is displayed in real time and anywhere. Fast response options by ordering via the app save time – no additional devices are required, the smartphones that are already available can be used. 


With our groundbreaking RFID technology,  we optimize your supply chain as soon as goods are received. All important information can be retrieved with the help of a transponder on the respective containers and can thus be read directly into your systems. RFID, also for ESD containers, complements the previous scanner-based solutions. In this way, the existing container pools and data exchange formats can continue to be used. In addition, all transponders can be read from all sides. In this way, they enable bulk collection of empties – a special packing scheme is not required –; this saves valuable process time.  


With a sophisticated kitting concept, we implement demand- and order-related parts picking. We optimize various small parts that are used together in an assembly in close cooperation with you. Subsequently, we deliver all small parts of an assembly in an assembly box per assembly unit. In this way, all the parts required for the assembly or commissioning process are clearly and compactly put together. Deliveries are made using the tried-and-tested Kanban system – this also applies to deliveries to clean rooms. 


As a C-Part management provider, we always ensure digital traceability. This means that every Berrang package is uniquely identifiable worldwide. The whole thing is guaranteed by a key, which consists of the UPIK® Unique Partner Identification Key of the respective Berrang location and a package number. UPIK® uses the D-U-N-S™ numbers that each Berrang location has. In addition, a package number is assigned to each package or container within the Berrang Group during the filling and shipping process. 

VMI/SMI-Procurement Concepts.

In order to ensure maximum profitability and maximum security of supply in your processes, we use both Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI for short) and Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI for short).  In close dialogue with you, we decide which measure best suits your requirements.  

label types
customized container
several 100,000 managed customer storage locations

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