Fasteners for medtech.

Highly sensitive technologies, strong competition, complex approval requirements - in medtech industry you are faced with multiple challenges. With our know-how and our solutions, we support you in successfully meeting the requirements of this industry.  

Create excitement for your customers –
with quality & precision.

MRI scanners, laboratory equipment, surgical microscopy equipment – all these products must meet the highest quality standards because health and lives of patients can depend on functionality of medtech equipment. Manufacturers of medical technology products have very high requirements for fasteners such as screws or machined parts. This means that these components must fulfill a whole range of specific features and characteristics. 

For example, these fasteners should be vibration and corrosion resistant, but also have the right surface finish. Devices from the field of diagnostics in particular have to work very precisely. For this purpose, it is necessary that the fasteners meet the requirements for tolerances of the geometry. The required components must also meet cleanliness standards according to specific cleanliness classes. 

These are requirements that our fasteners meet thanks to our processes that have been adapted for this industry. With our solutions, we support you to manufacture your products and ensure a high degree of precision.  

The result:  you improve the quality as well as the precision of your products. 

Berrang in medical technology –
6 reasons for success.

  1. high flexibility 
  2. proven quality
  3. high productivity for the customer 
  4. individual logistic and supply systems 
  5. decades of steadily growing experience 
  6. high availability through smart supply chain

Perfectly made & perfectly delivered –
with us you benefit all along the line.

We support manufacturers of medical technology products with first-class and customized fastener solutions. On top of that, we offer smart supply chain management. Among other things, for the assembly of small parts according to bill of material. In addition, we simplify your production processes by assembling components in-house at Berrang.  

We offer you the possibility of carrying out the pre-assembly of an sub-assembly directly on our premises. You receive the complete small assembly from us in-time or in a Kanban system. In this way, we minimize the number of part numbers you need on site, thus lowering your storage costs and reducing the complexity of your production process.