Fasteners, bolts & nuts for commercial vehicles.

Fasteners used in the commercial vehicle industry have to meet high requirements such as high loads and safety standards. We support manufacturers of commercial vehicles - with the highest quality standards and optimized procurement concepts.  

Our answers to high requirements on heavy loads and safety are high quality fasteners.

Long-haul trucks, off-road trucks or buses – the commercial vehicle industry includes a wide variety of different vehicles. The diversity of the customer product is reflected in the requirements for fasteners. In some cases, they have to withstand extreme loads. Concrete mixers, for example, regularly transport 30 tons or more of material.  

Manufacturers of commercial vehicles must also meet high quality standards and are responsible for ensuring them. Buses, for example, transport people. To enable them to travel safely, they need brakes that not only simply work but are also assembled securely. This requires high-quality, durable components that are designed for the specific application. 

We support you in meeting all these requirements for your industry. For example, by calculating the correct torque parameters for the assembly. We also advise you on the selection of appropri-ate coating system. We have the know-how in fasteners for the industry of commercial vehicles and have decades of experience with well-known players of the industry.   

Commercial vehicles & Berrang as a perfect match –
7 steps to success.

  1. problem description 
  2. maturity model – from design phase to serial delivery 
  3. selection of manufacturing process   
  4. advanced quality planning – APQP 
  5. production and procurement concept 
  6. sampling PPAP/PSW 
  7. coordination of serial process and delivery  

With Customized parts and low volumes to more profitability.

The industry is often faced with the challenge of having to work with low quantities of fasteners. Many vehicles are truly unique or one-offs and built in small numbers of the same design. This means that some of the components used have to be manufactured individually. In addition, they must be available in sufficient quantities. We master the challenge of managing the variety of parts for you and support our customers with our small parts optimization, but without compromising the "uniqueness" of the individual vehicle. 

We support you by working with you to find the right component for your vehicle and optimize your supply chain. In this way, you secure your profitability. In other words, we are your reliable solution partner for the commercial vehicle industry, working with you to leverage potential for the future.   

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