Solutions for electrical commercial vehicles – optimized manifold assembly.

Optimized quality for electrical commercial vehicle battery packs:
efficient pre-assembly of a manifold.

A manufacturer of battery systems for electric commercial vehicles had difficulties with the assembly of a manifold and complained in this context about quality defects or high scrap rates in the material. Together with our customer, we were able to decisively improve the assembly process of the manifold and thus ensure, among other things, a higher level of quality with lower assembly costs at the same time . 

Our to-dos for manifold assembly:
Increasing quality, simplifying processes, reducing costs.

Before the customer approached us with his request, our task was to procure the plug screws and hose nipples required for the assembly of the manifolds. Up to this point, the customer had car-ried out the installation of the manifold himself, but with unsatisfactory results. Together with our customer, it was now a matter of developing an effective solution for the assembly problem and also optimizing the overall process. The focus was on these areas of responsibility: 

  • Ensuring increased quality for the assembly of the manifold 
  • Solution of capacity problems or avoidance of high scrap rates  
  • Integration of the assembly part into the Kanban system at the customer's site for a more efficient factory supply  
  • Organization of supplier consolidation for simpler logistical processes in the future 
  • Packaging of the manifold in ESD-capable KLT containers with RFID technology in the Kanban system

After line walk at the customer's site:
pre-assembly as a solution.

First of all, we got a detailed picture of the previous assembly process of the manifold at the customer's site in order to determine the reasons for the quality problem with the component. In doing so, we were able to make good use of our application engineering advice with regard to the correct screw assembly.  

In order to systematically plan the pre-assembly and subsequently enable effective implementa-tion, we first discussed the exact quality and performance requirements for the individual parts and the assembly part of the manifold together with the customer. As a result, we developed a concrete advance quality plan as well as assembly planning and determined the suitable assem-bly locations and required aids. 

Finally, an initial sample of the assembly should first be produced to check the agreed quality of the pre-assembled component. We then took over the quality inspection, whereupon the series production of the assembly could begin and the assembly process was anchored in the customer's Kanban system. 

Berrang raises the quality of component assembly.

The desired success, which our customer would have hoped for from our cooperation, occurred: The pre-assembly of plug screws and hose nipples in the manifold helps to stabilize the quality of the assembly. As a result, the scrap rate can now be effectively reduced and considerable production costs can be saved.  

However, we were not only able to improve the quality of the components together, but also to simplify the processes for our customers as a whole.

the advantages at a glance:

  • Integration of the assembled part into the customer's Kanban system leads to seamless supply  
  • Design of a special packaging material or inlay for small load carriers (KLT) increases transport safety  
  • Use of RFID technology for automated control of follow-up supply in conjunction with ESD-capable KLT 
  • Berrang as the sole point of contact for the assembly reduces the effort involved in communication with various suppliers