Application engineering or comparisons of different manufacturing technology – we have the manufacturer-independent know-how in production and application.

Technical excellence with individual consulting.

We do not see engineering as a single service – engineering flows into all our services and solutions. When it comes to your challenges or problems, we always think one step ahead and in all directions. We support you here with our know-how from various disciplines.  

Engineering includes a wide range of services: application engineering, basic tests, design of assembly parameters and comparisons of different manufacturing technologies. Because: Only with individual consulting and  our know-how in production  as well as in the most diverse applications of our products we can offer you the best possible solution. 

We accompany you throughout the entire development phase. After all, the right fastening solutions – if they are planned during development – can improve the application, optimize the use of materials, processes and logistics, and  make  a contribution to sustainability.  It is therefore worthwhile to rely on our Berrang engineers as early as possible.  

Fastening technology meets consulting –
5 Steps to success.

  1. Common application description and problem presentation
  2. Joint development of the fastening concept  
  3. Advice on component design (How is the individual screw assembled in the process? What are the installation conditions?)  
  4. Selection of manufacturing processes   
  5. Production and procurement concept

Modern. Data-based. Professional –
our fastener test benches & laboratories.

Well-founded technical consulting needs one thing above all: data. We obtain this through a state-of-the-art laboratory certified according to ISO/IEC 17025. In our laboratory, solutions for a wide variety of fastening technology tasks are sought and found by our fastener engineers and technicians.  

The core equipment consists of three complementary fastener test benches, which cover the entire range from M 1.2 to M 72. With our fastener test bench up to M 72, we have one of the largest of all test benches used worldwide.  

Developed solutions are checked for their feasibility. Since some of the laboratory equipment  is mobile, some tests can even be carried out  directly at  your site.  

Our engineering services at a glance:

Standardization/optimization of small parts.

C-parts have a life of their own. Again and again, new lengths, diameters or drives are added. This means that the number of articles you use is growing steadily. Together with you, we will develop a preferred parts catalog based on the range of articles used so far. First of all, this avoids the creation of new parts. Then we will take a look at the existing parts with you and work out which parts from the preferred parts catalog can be used. In the end, there are fewer part numbers to manage and less equipment in use. In addition, set-up times or idle times at the assembly line are reduced.  

Investigation of causes of error or damage.

"After fasten comes off" – this is one of the basic rules of fastening technology. But why did it come to "off"? To  find out, we consistently use the 8-D method. For us,­­ 8­D is not a complaint processing tool, but a problem-solving tool with which we examine the damage and its damage mechanisms. All too often, the individual parts comply with specifications, but the combination or the application itself leads to damage. To work out the cause of the damage, we use our certified testing laboratory. In this way, we can work together with you on appropriate remedial measures and  eliminate damage and errors in the long term. 

Design and implementation of test series.

Not all lubricants are the same. Not all threads are the same. This means that together with you, we carry out basic tests that are incorporated into your standards, procurement strategies or even assembly specifications. For example, we carry out tests with our customers with a wide variety of lubricants in various combinations and environments. In this way, we can determine the effect on the preload force – also over time – and determine the optimal lubricant combination for the application 


An incorrectly executed fastener connection can lead to high consequential error costs. Moreover, human lives depend on it. For this reason, it is important to apply the fastener correctly. Here we conduct on-site training. Everyone involved in the bolting process is involved – from production to the development engineer.  

We are happy to support you in expanding your knowledge in the field of fasteners. In the form of trainings, workshops or technical seminars, we respond to your wishes and create a tailor-made training seminar for you. 

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