Fasteners for power & energy technology.

Reliable power generation, high failure-safety - companies in the field of power and energy technology have to face many industry-specific challenges for manufacturing and design of their products. With our know-how and innovative solutions in fastening technology, we help you to concentrate on your core business while we take care of all your C-parts.    

With quality & know-how to more reliability.

Wind power plants, solar parks and transformer substations are plants that not only stand for the energy production of the future, but also supply us with electricity right now. Accordingly, the requirements on companies from the energy and electrical engineering sectors are very high in terms of functionality, failure-safety and reliability.   

The c-parts, used must also meet these high requirements. Our portfolio covers the necessary range of fasteners. For example, bolts with dimensions of M64, that fix the rotor blades of a wind turbine, have to withstand strong vibrations generated by the rotation of wind turbines.  

A permanent irreplaceable fastening solution must be chosen, because replacement at heights in difficult conditions is costly and difficult to perform. In inverters, for example, the quality of the small parts has a major influence on the overall performance and reliability of the system. And this is exactly where we have the expert knowledge - for this reason you can rely on our extraordinary quality thinking.     

In other words, we have the know-how in fasteners for the  energy and power technology and also have many years of experience with well-known players of the industry to your benefit.    

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  1. proven quality 
  2. tailor-made, efficient and individual logistics solution  
  3. secured supply chain 
  4. high reliability 
  5. long machine uptimes  
  6. technical product inspections through coordinated test concepts in our laboratory  

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Offshore wind turbines generate electricity at sea and are consequently exposed to humidity and salt. Manufacturers of such plants must ensure a high level of corrosion protection for their fasteners. Therefore, the appropriate surface systems must be selected for fasteners to ensure durability and reliability.   

For onshore plants, on the other hand, the requirements can be quite different. For example, components are required to be conductive or insulating. Through our process-independent manufacturer network, we will find the right product for you. In addition, we consult you not only on the appropriate manufacturing process for your component, but also on the surface technology of the fastener that fits for your solution.

We serve the energy technology sector at various levels. In the production of electrical control equipment , we ensure your supply - with Kanban systems or with our assembly kits. And we support you with the optimization of supply chains. Because: With us there are no delays, neither for supply nor for quality reasons.  

Your customers also benefit, as their downtimes are reduced and production and sales are secured - a real win-win situation.   

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