fasteners for mechanical engineering.

Conservation of resources, multiple applications, a global market - the mechanical engineering industry is faced with a variety of challenges. With using our know-how, you master them successfully. 

Technology-driven industries need innovative and customized solutions.

Mechanical engineering is characterized by innovations that continuously improve the efficiency, performance and functionality of production equipment and machines. In addition to functionality, high machine uptimes play an important role. These lead to profitability for the end customer. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the highest quality, even for c-parts.

We support you in achieving these required runtimes by supplying you with our reliable fasteners and offering you individually tailored supply systems. It doesn't matter whether you need support in c-parts management or if you are looking for professional advice on different manufacturing technologies of fasteners. Because: We at Berrang understand the requirements of the mechanical engineering industry; here we have decades of experience with numerous well-known customers. In addition, we supply each and every one of them with thousands of different products - and, if we are allowed to, right up to the point of use at the production line of our customer. 

Mechanical engineering & Berrang as a perfect match –
5 reasons for success.

  1. proven quality 
  2. state of the art delivery systems and products 
  3. high machine uptime 
  4. high availability of c-parts 
  5. process optimization

The best solution – with quality and know-how.

Companies in the industry sector of mechanical engineering manufacture production equipment to the highest quality standards. This means that fasteners and small parts have to fit these standards. We are aware of this - which is why you can rely on our exceptional quality approach.  

But it is not only the high quality of our products. The optimization and a robust supply chain for our customer are of particular importance. With a supply concept tailored to your needs, we ensure that there is never a shortage of components. This includes the management of a sustainable supply chain and full-service logistics, making sure that we provide parts just in time all the way to your assembly line.  

Complex requirements need expertise.

In addition, the industry of mechanical engineering is demanding innovative product solution. Often there are complex requirements for a single part. These components have to be produced economically – even in small to medium-sized quantities. Regardless of the application, you can rely on our expertise. Thus, we offer you the technically and economically best solution based on different manufacturing processes.

In this way, we support you with our products to produce your machines that make your end customers happy. Why? Because machine uptime is increased and you thus secure the production as well as the turnover of your end customers. And that saves resources.   

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