Fasteners for agricultural & construction machinery.

Environmental influences, irregular stress, heavy forces - fasteners in the agricultural and construction industry are subject to enormous loads. We understand the high demands of manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery and customize our solutions to meet the needs of this demanding industry. 

Changing external conditions and different loads require reliable solutions.

Surfaces of fasteners in agricultural machinery need a high level of protection, as they can be subject to by environmental influences and the use of fertilizers, pesticides and ammonia. For this reason, we make sure - in addition to the appropriate manufacturing process for your component - that the corrosion protection technology is used to meet the requirements. In this way, you benefit from a long  product lifetime of the fasteners. 

Construction machinery is also often under extreme stress. Fasteners must be designed to withstand these special loads. As a service for example, we determine the correct design of bolts and fasteners for you. Among other things, we determine the preload forces and determine the necessary tightening torques depending on the coefficient of friction. We do this in our fasteners laboratory and use our own bolt test bench, which is worldwide one of the largest of its kind. In this way, we preventively reduce your need for spare parts to a minimum and prevent you and your customers from failure 

High flexibility for you, higher uptime for your customers.

The agricultural industry is characterized by great seasonality and thus by extreme fluctuations in demand. In addition, farmers or harvesting service providers often only invest after high-yield years. This industry-specific situation requires a high  flexibility of the supply chain.   

We meet these industry-specific challenges with intelligent demand planning and warehousing. By having our warehouses close to you, we can absorb demand peaks and ensure your security of supply. However, should an unplanned repair interval occur, it is even more important to have spare parts available quickly.  

After all, every hour that a farmer is unable to harvest a crop due to a machine failure is a direct economic loss. In order to be able to handle breakdowns quickly and efficiently, spare parts should be available at all times. This spare parts supply and availability is an important factor for the success of machine manufacturers in the agricultural and construction industry - we support you in this.  

Berrang in the agricultural and construction industry –
6 reasons for success.

  1. quality & durable fasteners  
  2. flexible, long time proven supply chains 
  3. high productivity for our customers 
  4. high spare parts availability   
  5. reliable spare parts supply 
  6. seasonal warehousing & production control

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