Solutions for automotive OEMs.

Design and effectiveness:
our screw for flocked tailgate trims.

In the development and production of automobiles, manufacturers pay particular attention to two central criteria:  the highest possible effectiveness during assembly and an attractive ap-pearance in the interior of the vehicle. Every component installed must meet these require-ments and connect seamlessly with the other elements of the car.

When working with an automobile OEM, we proved that we can offer fastening solutions that are not only characterized by performance, but also fit perfectly with the design of the automobile. In this case, a flexible fastening system for tailgate trims was required, which blends in-conspicuously into the look of the flocked lid of the tailgate.  

Unobtrusive appearance combined with maximum functionality.

At the beginning of our cooperation, the customer first explained the existing problem to us: During repairs in the rear area of a car model, the tailgate trim is destroyed. The cause is the attachment of the tailgate trim by plastic clips, which regularly tear out when removed from the interior of the car.

Our customer needed a new fastening technology that would allow the tailgate to be easily removed during repairs, allowing the tailgate trim to remain usable. At the same time, it was necessary to make the new fastening solution as inconspicuous as possible so as not to disturb the appearance of the car.  

It's all about simplicity:
less components = less visibility.

Together with our customer, we immediately started planning the new fastening solution. Initially, the customer envisioned a two-part design in which, on the one hand, a screw replaces the old fastening, and on the other hand, a plug matching the design of the tailgate trim hides the screw connection.

Of course, the suggestion of our customers could be implemented for us, but it requires the production of several components. In addition, the two-piece design makes it more difficult to assemble and disassemble the tailgate trim, as both the screw and the plug have to be mounted or removed. 

However, our experts immediately developed a solution that, thanks to a single component, not only allows efficient fastening of the tailgate , but also fits almost invisibly into the design of the flocked tailgate trim.


Everyone knows screw connections, especially the advantages as a non-destructively detachable connection. Flocked plastic parts are also used in a variety of ways. But a flocked screw, with a carpet on its head, so to speak, that was new.

With just one flocked screw reaching the goal.

On the one hand, in order to provide a stable hold and easy integration into the tailgate and, on the other hand, to perfectly conceal the location of the screw connection, we offer a screw whose screw head is provided with flocking. The flocking not only has the same color as the tailgate trim, but also a material with almost identical properties .

During the manufacturing process, the screw head is first provided with a thin layer of adhesive. With the help of electrostatic charge, the fibers are applied, fixed and the individual fibers straighten up. After curing, the result is ready: the perfectly camouflaged screw. The customer was enthusiastic about the result of the cooperation and the resulting benefits

the advantages at a glance:

  • Stable attachment of the tailgate with only one component
  • Fast assembly and disassembly process
  • Perfect integration of the screw connection in the design of the tailgate trim
  • Less material wear due to reusablity of the tailgate
  • Greater ease of repair leads to cost savings and better insurance rating for end customers