Solutions for e-mobility.

Solutions for electric vehicles:
no e-mobility without a charging system.

In order to effectively and quickly drive forward the mobility transition towards electrical cars, tier 1 suppliers in particular are working on innovative solutions. This can be seen in the global demand for charging infrastructures and charging sockets

A tier 1 supplier and customer of Berrang had an ambitious plan: Instead of producing  different individual charging sockets that different OEMs can install in their specific models, a universally applicable charging socket system was to be designed and developed.  However, the conceptual solution seemed complex and technically almost impossible.  

The way to an optimal modular system.

Right from the concept phase, we provide our customers with significant support in the choice of manufacturing processes and design. This enabled us to respond to the demanding requirements right from the beginning. An overview:  

  • A long service life of the charging socket that is above the average of 8-10 years 
  • Strong usability with 15,000 mating cycles as the desired goal
  • Easy customization of the charging socket for OEMs in vehicle manufacturing 
  • Material-saving production of the charging socket in favour of high sustainability 
  • Ensuring the ageing resistance of all materials and components 
  • End-to-end documentation process  
  • Component cleanliness

When designing the modular principle, we were able to offer our customer further potential in terms of the manufacturing process. Instead of continuing to produce the components of the charging sockets as turned parts, the components could be manufactured as cold-formed parts with post-machining using a concept recommended by us.  

The result: The use of copper and non-ferrous alloys as well as the subsequent machining was minimized. This material-saving production also had a positive effect on the sustainability bal-ance of the charging sockets – a clear competitive advantage for our customer.  

universal charging socket = universal success.

Thanks to the clever engineering concept of manufacturing sensitive components, the customer's charging socket was finally ready for series production and quickly found enthusiastic OEMs who successfully integrated the product into their global manufacturing platforms. But we didn't just offer the product solution.  

The customer enjoyed all the benefits of our expertise. In the case of high volumes, we mapped a risk strategy with a multi-supplier pool and thus ensured secure supply chains through technically adept and reliable supply chain management. We also developed a logistics and packaging concept for the customer that took cleanliness and sustainability requirements into account.