Solutions for commercial vehicles.

Fastening of pendulum entrances in commercial vehicles –
three components become one.

A manufacturer of commercial vehicles commissioned us to provide a total of three different components for the assembly of a pendulum entrance. In order to save our customer a lot of work in the further processing process, we are finding a way to offer three individual parts as a single pre-assembled component. 

After all, in order to improve comfort for the end user, commercial vehicle manufacturers are continuously working on development options for a wide variety of components. A side effect of this innovation process is that the components in question in commercial vehicles are becoming more and more complex or consist of more and more parts. Needless to say, this also complicates the production process of these vehicle parts. 

Simplify production steps without loss of quality.

For the production of the bracket construction of the pendulum entrance, the customer had the following requirements: 

  • The fixing of the pendulum entry should be flexible, but always offer a secure hold. 
  • The desing is specified by the customer and consists of a total of three individual parts, which the customer then assembles himself.  
  • The production costs of the three individual parts should be as low as possible. 

When reviewing the customer's order, we first asked ourselves whether the division into three individual components, which were then to be assembled by the customer himself, could not be simplified. This is because each individual component not only requires several work steps during assembly, but also means a high logistical effort. Our goal was therefore to offer the customer a more convenient solution that can be mounted on the commercial vehicle much faster overall. 

The better design: less effort, ready for immediate use.

After the production of the pre-assembled construction by us, our customer was convinced of the end result from the ground up. This is because he not only receives the three high-quality components, all of which meet his requirements, but also benefits from the following advantages

  • Elimination of assembly ensures faster processes and conservations of capacities on the customer side 
  • Less effort, as individual parts do not have to be ordered and managed separately 
  • Storage of the pre-assembled structure takes up less space and thus reduces storage costs