Environmental Management

The company Berrang maintains an Environmental Management System and has set itself the target to keep the environmental impact of its business activities at a minimum, and to continuously improve the environmental management system in order to constantly develop its environmental performance.

We have defined the context of our organization and the interested parties, and specified the resulting requirements regarding the type and complexity of our environmental management system. The resulting objectives are designed to be measurable and traceable.

Company Management is committed to actively support senior management and company staff in their contribution to the effectiveness of the environmental management system.

Binding commitments
The company commits to observe existing laws and ordinances, to observe agreed requirements of interested parties and its own commitments and furthermore voluntarily contribute to environmental protection.
Economic use of resources
It is our objective to use all forms of energy as efficiently as possible. We reconcile economic profitability and ecology by using resources in an economical manner. Business operations are to be planned so they will produce the least possible amounts of waste and waste water.
Ecological action
In our opinion, economic profitability and ecology are compatible. Where it is technically feasible and financially justifiable, we use environmentally friendly, innovative technologies.
Employee awareness
Further training of our personnel at all levels, promotes environmental awareness.
Information of interested parties
We regularly inform our staff on our environmental protection measures as well as our current environmental targets and results and also make these available to our interested parties.
Environmental protection
To Berrang, avoiding environmental pollution at the source has priority over remedying damages retroactively. We systematically take action required to prevent accident-related emission.
Environmentally friendly products
In cooperation with our business partners and within our means, we take special care that the production, use and disposal of our products can take place in an environmentally friendly manner. Our target is to cooperate with suppliers, that act according to our principles.

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