Technical Consulting

Technical consulting represents a central pillar of our portfolio of services and is not tied to a particular manufacturer. Over many years, we have developed a strong area of expertise that sets us apart from traditional process-specific manufacturers. By consulting closely with our customers during the development phase, we are able to create a basis for the optimal selection and use of standard parts or the efficient use of customized parts.

Successful Solutions

One aspect of developing the optimal solution for each part of a customer’s project is to identify potential suppliers. The technology department is involved in all development, optimization, and quality planning processes from the outset. There are many examples that go to illustrate the successful results of this close collaboration with our customers. To read some of these stories, visit the customer references section.

Modern Laboratory Equipment

We operate a state-of-the-art laboratory that has been certified according to ISO/IEC17025:2018. The most important pieces of equipment in the testing facility are three complementary screw test stands that cover the entire range of sizes from M1.2 to M72. The screw test stand able to handle fasteners up to M72 was commissioned in 2009 and remains one of the largest test stands in the world to this day. Our laboratory staff works to identify solutions for an extremely broad range of connection applications. Each solution is tested to ensure that it is feasible in practice. Some of the laboratory equipment is mobile, which means we can even carry out tests directly at the customer’s premises. When selecting the technology for our test laboratory, we focus mainly on highly specialized examinations in order to obtain information that cannot be purchased as standard from external test facilities. For the execution of standard market tests, we work in close collaboration with select external partners.

Central Technology Department

In addition to our well-equipped laboratory, the staff at our central technology department plays a decisive role in our comprehensive offer of effective technical consulting. The team’s expertise is recognized across the market.

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