Individual Solutions

Solutions that are both technically impressive and economically attractive are only possible if standard and custom parts complement each other in an optimal way. It is therefore necessary to decide on a case-by-case basis whether customer requirements can be best met using standard parts, or if it makes better sense to develop a customized solution. We provide a competent advisory service to help customers select the right product. To this end, there is close collaboration between our teams of key account managers, sales representatives, strategic procurement officers, technical application consultants, and quality assurance managers.

Comprehensive Supplier Network

In order to ensure that each solution we develop is successfully implemented, it is essential to select the right suppliers – a scrupulous process that rests on our own comprehensive audits of the businesses in question. We proactively maintain a powerful network of domestic and international suppliers, who have worked with us for many years, and we are constantly checking and expanding this network, integrating the companies involved in our quality management system. Before a new supplier provides a series of deliveries, there is always a comprehensive trial program that ranges from the initial contact, audit, and test assignment to the production of a first sample and ultimate approval.

Optimal processes and reduced process costs

Enormous savings can potentially be made in processes related to procurement, warehouse storage, transportation, quality assurance, and assembly. By streamlining procurement processes, carrying out consistent small parts optimization, and selecting the right product in combination with the best possible assembly processes and consolidated deliveries, it is possible achieve a reduction in costs. As a rule, the simplification of processes leads to an improvement in quality. We would be pleased to advise you. In many cases, even the smallest changes can have a significant impact.