Details create perfection! For this reason, you can use our database to browse and configure all our standard parts for your needs - down to the last detail. Even if you are not familiar with all the features or characteristics of the required product, you will quickly achieve your goal: Our keyword search is very responsive and helpful. With the DIN-number of the product you are looking for, you can quickly and directly get to the desired part.

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The configurator shows you the possible shapings and you might find variants that you might not have considered, yet. This is how we guide you through the various levels of the product features down to the last detail.

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Before letting us know your request, you will see a 3D-model of your configuration. You can now adjust the characteristics, select materials, surface coatings, and refinements to submit your request. If your requirement does not match with a standard part, you already have a solid configuration basis for a further contact to one of our sales and development colleagues. Additionally, you can download your configuration as a PDF file and send yourself a copy of your request.

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