Providing quality is our top priority. Our customers can expect nothing less than total quality, which is guaranteed by our employees in all aspects of their day-to-day work. These essentially simple principles were first formulated by Karl Berrang when the company was established more than 60 years ago.


Our work is governed by an unerring focus on the particular requirements of each of our customers. Working together with our clients, we develop customized solutions for every aspect of a project. With a broad network of offices in Germany, the USA, France, Poland, and China, we are able to establish direct contact and offer intensive support to our customers – straightforward and with minimal waiting times thanks to our fast and flexible approach.


Our employees are the key to our success, since it is they who develop, improve, and implement our various solutions. For this reason, it is particularly important for us to ensure that our staff members are satisfied and motivated at work. In this respect, it is an inestimable advantage that we are an independent, family-run business in which employees have a direct line to the management.