Guiding principle - Sustainability

We are a family-owned company, and for us mutual respect for each other is the fundamental principle of living and working together as human beings. Our values are binding for us, and are lived by us and by our staff. We place great emphasis on the following values.


In a society it is necessary to take on responsibility. We therefore commit ourselves to our social responsibility, responsibility to our staff, our business partners, and also for the common good.

We believe in our values and principles, and act and work accordingly.

As a corporate group whose parent company is bound by collective bargaining agreements within the scope of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, the following principles are of special importance to us:

  • respect for human dignity
  • protection of human rights

These principles result in

  • employers' rights based on respect, especially
    freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining,
  • the prevention of discrimination in employment and work
  • the rejection of forced and child labor;
  • the rejection of human and organ trafficking

We also attach great importance to

  • sustainable environmental protection;
  • fighting corruption

We respect the individual personality of staff and of business Partners.

We consider it natural to observe relevant laws and regulations and to orient ourselves to :

  • UN-Resolution 217 A (III). General declaration of Human Rights
  • the Convention of the United Nations on the Rights of the Child
  • the Convention of the United Nations against Corruption
  • UN-Resolution 317 (IV): Convention on the prevention of Human Trafficking.

By mean of appropriate contractual agreements we seek to ensure that not only we, but also our business partners, observe these principles.

Safety at Work

Our objective is to ensure safety of our staff when executing their work, i.e. controlling and minimizing risks for their safety and health. To do this, we observe legal specifications, and implement active measures

  • to prevent accidents at work,
  • to minimize work-related health risks,
  • to provide decent and humane workplaces and work content, and
  • to ensure preventive health protection.

In doing this we not only ensure that respective legal foundations are observed, but that experience and findings are implemented to improve safety at work and preventive health protection.
These principles are also observed during the process of selecting suppliers.

Sustainability Report

We prepare a Sustainability Report annually to inform our stakeholders about the pursuit of and compliance with our mission statement. The BERRANG Group Sustainability Report is prepared in accordance with and based on the GRI standards and according to the "Core" option of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and can be downloaded from the download area under "Information".

CDP Discloser

Compliance Center

If you, as our business partner, learn of any infringements against the aforementioned principles from our company, please notify us accordingly so that we can take any necessary action. Please inform us about such issues at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your information will of course be treated confidentially.